Monday, June 30, 2008

St. Ignace Car show

We left for the car show on Thursday morning. We had a late lunch at The Keyhole Bar in Mackinaw City. Paul had the ribs and cole slaw and fries. I had the Whitefish and rib combo with salad and baked potato. It was perfect. Bev said the Whitefish was great and she was correct. Cannot recommend the Keyhole too highly. Always great food.

We found Denny and Kevin White on the patio of the Marina Bar, over looking the harbor and the road full of great cars. Spent many happy hours with them there over the 3 days. In one photo Paul is at our hotel in Mackinaw City, cleaning up the car on Friday morning. The sun was so bright you can't see Lake Huron, but it's there. The photo of the road, is the view from the bar of cars crusing. There is a father and son duo photo, Denny and Kevin White. A patriotic Paul photo and a rare Marjie photo.
We met up with our friends Rick and Sandy Allen, and daughter Lisa, and her family. Watched the Thursday night casino cruise with them. We watched the very wet and short Friday night cruise with the White's from their hotel lawn. Bev and I walked down the road and got bags of wonderful tacos for a snack, the parade started with 45 highly polished Viper sport cars, they had hardly passed when it started raining buckets. The only thing worse would have been a hail storm. Everyone's cars was covered with road film. Car guys hate a gunked up car.
As for food: we had a breakfast at the Pancake Chef, next door to the Keyhole in Mackinaw City. Very good punpkin pancakes. We also had the breakfast buffet at the Casino in St. Ignace. It was most excellent. They even had chicken fried steak. Pretty much had it all and it was good. We found excellent sandwiches at Mickey's Party Store, in Mackinaw City, across from the ferry docks just before the hotels start. He makes huge sandwiches, hamburg bun sized are $1.19, the large crossant ones are $3.50, but the meat and cheese is 1.5 inches thick and very good and fresh. I ate on one for 3 days. Yum. That is the meal highlights.
I had fun with Bev, and Roger's new toy hauler trailer is very nice. They might come down to Port A for next March. Hope so.


Andrea said...

Wow-check out the skinny mom pic!

Stephanie said...

I was thinking it was a skinny picture too. But first, kudos to whoever got a photo of you. Keep it up.
The food sounds wonderful! Pumpkin pancakes and a turkey sandwich. Yum!

Marjie said...

and you didn't even see my now size 12 butt.