Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Raining and Pouring

My oven needs about $300+ worth of repairs and parts. Guy comes, for the first $70 visit, on Thursday. Paul and I took the van in last night, it has a gas leak. Of course I just filled it with gas at $4.04 a gallon. So all we have here is the little pickup. Not going anywhere until that van is fixed. So annoying.

We did get down to the neighbors farm on Tuesday. Charlie loved the chickens. Priscilla took him into the coop and he saw the eggs in the nests. Then he crawled out the tiny door into the yard. (In the photo you can see the hole in the wall behind him.) He wasn't scared at all. I, and surely Andrea, were appalled and disgusted to see him crawling in the poopy chicken yard. He really wanted to get in with the pigs but they are too dangerous and very large. Actually, the rooster looked pretty dangerous to me. Said the wimpy grandma.


Stephanie said...

Cute pics!
I love Julia's bikini, can't wait to see them!
I can give Charlie some tips about being a fearless child, I'll show him the scar on my chin from piano jumping.

Katie said...

soap and lots of water will clean the boy up! He is looking really tall!