Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Thoughts

I just read Julie's Father's Day Blog, very nice. Dads are so very important in many ways. I am always commenting to my friends how dads have changed. Each generation seems to be more involved, and now we have "new" dads. My grand children's dads are great, they are very involved and there for the kids. They changed many, many diapers, they take turns with diapers! Very impressive. I also see this in friends families. It is a pretty universal trend. Oddly, mothers of sons think that their sons are doing too much. I just remember being so glad that Paul was good at cleaning up and vacuuming. His Mom sure taught him well. He worked long hours and didn't have as much time at home as he wanted. But we survivied and the girls turned out excellent!

So Happy Father's Day to Dads old an new. I am so happy with my grand kids dads, thanks for the good job.


Stephanie said...

Dad is manic at vacuuming!
Also good at windows.
He's just the best in general.
No contest.

Marjie said...

I agree