Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday on the Lake

We invited the Boyles, the Vitums, and Woodhouse's to dinner Saturday night. I made my semi famous Chilie Jack Chicken on rice, with beans and cole slaw. Tony made shortcakes and Virginia picked fresh berries. Very yummy topped with ice cream and whipped cream.

Before and after we had a lovely long ride on the new Boyle yacht. It was a beautiful, sunny day, warm with just a caress of breeze. Lots of fishermen on the lake, no one tearing around pulling water skiers or tubers. Sad commentary on the state of the economy in Michigan.

There was a small john boat full of drunk girls from a bachelorette party, from one of the houses around the point. We were a little worried someone would slide into the lake, no life jackets of course. Any wave would have swamped them. But no waves from fast boats that day. They ran low on liquor so Tony passed them a couple of beers. A humanitarian gesture. One girl asked how long we had all been married, they were impressed at our answers. Then she asked "where was the strangest place we had ever had sex?" Brenda yelled that they didn't want to know, they were too young. Tony wanted to yell "in the butt, Bob." A reference to the old Newlyweds Game on TV. Then the young lass on the boat offered that her strangest place was the dressing room at Old Navy. All the old guys on the pontoon were quite impressed. But we were all dignified. You know, that stately dignity of drunks on a pontoon boat.

Sunday was cooler and sometimes cloudy. In the afternoon we took a GTO ride, ended up at the Elbow Lake Bar in Marion, Mi, for burgers with Roger and Bev. It rained on the car while we were inside. Rained a lot, and the sun never went under. To the north there was a huge thunder storm, and Roger and Bev had to drive right into it to get back to Houghton Lake, on the bike. She was looking apprehensive, to say the least.

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