Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mid week meanderings

We have had a busy week having fun with Tony and Virginia. No fun with Woody and Marti as they didn't show up! Jean Villa was up with 4 of her grandchildren. They invited us down to the cottage Monday afternoon for "snacks" of the sugar variety. Very nice. Then Paul drove them all down in the golf cart to Bob and Priscilla's little farm. They collected eggs and fed the goats and saw the pigs. Very exciting.

Tuesday afternoon we went with Tony and Virginia to Gladwin and shopped and ate at the River Walk Place. It is very elegant, not expected in little Gladwin. Tony and I had fish that was very good. Virginia had Mexican and Paul had a burger. Everyone drank some Samual Adams cherry Wheat beer. I had a taste, it was mild and good, definite cherry taste to it. Will get that again. We drove home through the Clare Amish country, stopped at the bakery. They had a tourist bus in that day so were well stocked. Tried the fried pies. Oh my. I have always avoided them. Why find a new food obsession that is unhealthy? I already have so many. However, most excellent pastry. I thought the outside was pie crust but it tasted like a glazed donut. Good fruity fillings too. Also got some Cashew Crunch, only $3 a pound. Talk about obsessions ... And got some punpkin bread and oatmeal raisin cookies. In the freezer. Anyone want fry pies for the beach? I can arrange it.

Also stopped at the Amish hardware and the Dollar Daze store in Clare. Tony is buying Irish Dancer China dolls to sell at festivals next summer. They are darling.

We had a camp fire that night and roasted hot dogs. And I made hot chocolate chip cookie sundaes.

Wednesday, Paul played golf and I mostly rested. It was dreary and cold. Today is partly sunny and I and getting gardening done.

Friday golf is planned. More on that later.


Stephanie said...

I think my blood sugar just skyrocketed reading about all those sweets.
Yes! Cherry pie!

Marjie said...

You have to pace yourself.