Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Dreary Month of May

Just saw the 10 day weather forcast for the middle of Michigan, partly sunny today, then rain and thunderstorms and no sun until the middle of next week. For most of the three weeks we have been home it has been highs in the 50s or low 60s and cloudy and rainy. Our tans are all faded, we look like Yankees again! Miss the sun.

Paul has the motor home all clean and sparkly. Firewood stacked against the garage (because we need a fire almost every night to ward off the chill and dampness), flower gardens are cleaned out, grass is mowed. I have the house tidy and organized, except for the office which is full of books and video tapes. We had a major overhaul in the living room and no longer have any book cases or places to hide video tapes. Finding a book case for the office is on my to do list for a town trip.

I am boring myself into a stupor as I type. We do have a social life again. The weekend of May 2, we attended a doctoral graduation party for one of Paul's former students. Lots of old teachers there, that was interesting. On May 3, we had dinner with Mike and Jen Linsday. It was fun to catch up with them and what is going on in Mt. Pleasant. Jen is so nice, a talented artist and photographer. Very good cook also. Mike and I are from the same home town and it is nice to have that connection. And Ken Plagens spent the weekend with us as he worked with Kevin White to purchase the rest of the supplies for his GTO rebuild.

Now this last weekend, Al and Joann Roy came up to the lake and we visited and watched Cory install our new TV. Very exciting for them, not so much. But so nice to catch up with their news. And Joann is always interested in my grand baby photos. A very nice trait in a friend. Then we went to Ruckle's Pier for dinner. It was funny, the first time we went in the bar this spring we were blown away at how clean it was. To be fair, they recently had a fire and it was very clean, but mostly it was the everyday day clean that is such a contrast to Port Aransas bars. They don't even replace broken panes of glass in the windows at the Gaff. We love Port A, but the contrast is major. Part of the charm without a doubt, the more relaxed atmosphere, the joie" de vivre'.

On Sunday we went to dinner at our traditional Mother's Day site, The Bud Lake Bar in Harrison. I had very good perch and Paul had an Italian sub. It was raining and the Tiger's game was cancelled. Could have shot a cannon through the place with no casualties. We also enjoyed a visit with lake neighbors (lake neighbors is a nice way to say they are Fudgies) Tony and Virginia. It was great to see their grand kids and share some time with them. And no one got hit on the head with a golf club very hard. No blood at all.

For you trolls, a Fudgie is a tourist who comes to Mackinaw Island, buys fudge, and goes home.
A troll is someone who lives under the bridge, or out of state. The bridge, of course, is the Mackinaw Bridge.

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