Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun with the Kansas Kids

Megan, Anna and Julie coloring puzzles that Aunt Andrea sent for them. Then Patrick with his new baby bear. He loves the "Bear Books" and his eyes lit up when I gave him the bear, like he recognized him from the books. He gave him hugs and even kisses. It was so cute. Hardly ever do I hit the bulls eye on gifts for the kids.
Sean had to work this morning and Patrick was napping while the rest of us went to church and brunch at the Country Club. Brunch was delicious, I sampled almost everything except eggs and waffles, which I can make anytime. I had the salad bar, beef brisket, a lovely fried chicken dish with lemon, halabut wrapped in potato slices, twice baked potatoes, stir fry veggies, bacon, and hot apple crisp and chocolate creme brulee.
It was snowing today and windy and cold, so this afternoon we chilled. Paul is reading books to the girls. Resting up from the big drive yesterday.

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