Saturday, November 15, 2008

Opening Day, Bang bang bang.

This is the most gun shots I have ever heard on opening day of deer season. All to the back in the woods and fields. The Woodies neighbors built a new tree blind and maybe they can see better this year.

Our county, Isabella, has the most deer of any county in the state. It is largely agricultural and wood lots. There are 5 or 6 big bucks newly moved in to this area. Bait has been banned in Michigan because a deer on a deer preserve down by Jackson was found with wasting disease. It had been bought out west. Maybe there is less baiting, they are still selling a lot by the roadsides, hard to tell.

We have two apple trees in the clearing behind our garage, there is a nice swale and creek, with fields and woods. Lots of deer. Usually Paul only hunts after the amateurs leave, then he shoots tasty does. Maybe there will be a pic up later.


Ryan said...

My brother and a friend of his both shot bucks behind my Dad's house. They had to pass on a third buck because it wasn't quite big enough.

Marjie said...

sounds like good hunting there.