Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowy Evening

We had at least 5 inches of wet snow yesterday. Interesting driving, but I am used to plowing through it. Right now I am looking at the lake, it is almost dark. A flock of geese is out front and three swans are gliding past them. So pretty. The fields are white and the trees are black and bare. Yesterday they all had an inch of snow on each branch. Really, the best winter view there is. The pic was from last week.

We are mostly packed and ready to leave on Wednesday. First we have Thanksgiving in South Bend with Andrea, Ryan, Charlie and Julia. Katie and Mark are driving in from Newburg, NY, area. Steff will drive down from Grand Rapids, MI, if it doesn't snow. She doesn't do snow.

We are leaving there on Friday and driving to Manhattan, Kansas, to see Julie, Sean, Megan, Anna and Patrick. Should arrive Saturday pm. Staying till mid week or so, depends on how cold it is. Then on to Texas, with perhaps a quick stop in OK to visit friends.

I am so ready for some Texas sunshine. November is always very gloomy in Michigan, clouds forming over Lake Michigan. Just too much darkness here.

We love Michigan, it is a very beautiful state. But we aren't real thrilled with winter anymore, too depressing. We love our neighbors and living on the lake, but it freezes over soon, and the neighbors are mostly downstate for the winter. No one to play with.

Soon I will have lots of grand kids pics to post again. Can't wait!

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Stephanie said...

It looks good for no snow!