Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going Home

Monday was hot and sunny, at one point it was 92 degrees. Too hot to spend much time on the beach, the wind was hot, like the furnace was on. Ended up in the pool before we drove to town. Paul washed the whole motor home, it looks ready to hit the road. Monday night we went out to dinner with Susan, Javiar and Carlie. We went to Trout Street. We sat on the deck and enjoyed the evening. Paul had chicken fried steak, I had amber jack with garlic crab sauce, rice and sauteed vegetables. Quite good.

Today Paul was busy packing the trailer and organizing. I did some inside stuff. Susan had invited me to the Bitches on Boats fishing trip. It was a perfect day, except that the Coast Guard had scheduled inspections of the boat that day, and came several hours late. We sat around the outside bar for over 2 hours and they finally cancelled the trip. So Paul and I headed for the beach again and enjoyed our last hours of sun and sand.

Paul took a great pic of a Blue Heron. I got a great pic of the cactus that is blooming in the sand dunes.


Ryan said...

Your flowers are starting to bloom at home. Charlie and Julia loved the card. Charlie put his on the fridge.

Marjie said...

Oh, can't wait to see you all. Give Charlie and Julia a hug.

I had hoped to see my spring bulbs this year.