Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Pictures by our very own paparazzi, Mary Ann. What did we do on Sunday... oh we went to church in the golf cart with 30 mph winds on the beach. Lots of sand in the mouth included. We couldn't put the sides down on the cart because the wind might flip it over or tear the canvas. We were out on the beach before we knew how bad it was, already committed. In the evening we went dancing at Bernie's with Wm and Mary Ann, and many other friends. It was a really fun evening. We left for awhile and ate at the Pelican Club. The food was wonderful, I did get crab and red snapper, asparagus, bacon on pasta, etc. Paul got a steak. New York cheese cake for dessert. After I ordered, Paul said I would be disappointed after having Jr.'s cheesecake in NY. So true. So bagels and cheese cake are ruined for me.

On Monday we played golf with Deb and Rick. Beautiful, sunny day, nice breeze, millions of mosquitoes. That night we went to Dee and Bob's and played poker and Mexican Train. Fun but a long day.


Katie said...

nothing compares to Juniors - not exactly sorry we introduced you either - too good to not share!

Marjie said...

Having the best is wonderful, I keep thinking of the sponge cake crust, graham crackers just don't measure up. I don't understand how bagels are so bad everywhere else.