Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to Some Degree of Normal

We are back home and glad of it. It was a pretty hot trip, lovin' the fall in Michigan. I have my new computer up and running, the phone working as of Monday, and a camera almost ready to go.

Paul had a lot of yard clean up to do. I am working on the new bedroom. Found a pretty blue fuzzy blanket at TJ Maxx, and a mirror. Found a nice cream fuzzy blanket in South Bend. That will go in the motor home. Sean did a great job on our bedroom. It looks so much larger, the ends of the room are a cool blue, the sides, east and west, are a taupe. Will try a picture to add to this.

Paul just finished up the paper work for Progressive. Or the first round of paper work. I am still working on laundry. Will be putting stuff away for a few more days. Still, sleeping great in my own bed.

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