Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rafting Trip Was Exciting and I have no pictures

Saturday we took the white water raft trip from our RV Park, Rock Gardens. Nice photos on this page . They take a lot of pics of each trip and the CD is only $50. Which is a lot of money to see yourself like a drowned rat with a baseball cap under your helmet.

There was about 6 miles of rapids and 10 easy miles on the trip. We did the rapids section twice because we weren't quite wet enough the first time. This section of the Colorado River is just east of Glenwood Springs. I 70 has a nice run of parks along side of it and a biking and walking trail. Very wonderful. It was hot and sunny so getting wet was a bonus.

We had a great guide, and an unusual load of boat people. There were three young men from India, one was too skinny to row, the other two were lazy and had no idea how to row at all. They work for Comcast in Denver. So if you call Comcast for technical help and can't understand the nerd, now you know why. There was also another couple around our age, who had been on many rafting trips all over the world. And two young and strong women. They saved us. Although Paul is sure that our guide could have gotten us down the river without us rowing.

We were going too fast to be scared, it was really fun. Oh, I just found pics online from this section of river so you get the idea. Same area, different raft company. Will post if I get permission.

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