Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paul Saved My From the Bear

We worried about bears when we went to bed Sunday night. Paul sat in the drivers seat and watched the neighbors sneak around with flashlights, trying to spot the bear. Monday, at 4:30 am Paul woke up because the rig was shaking, thought I was up, nope, right in bed beside him. And when the rig swayed again, he was mad and thought that bear was shaking it. He jumped up and saw a big black figure in the front of the rig, he yelled in his meanest teacher voice, "get out of here, you f*****!" Then he saw it was a guy, about 6 ft tall, dressed all in black, who left in a big hurry. No doubt because Colorado has a "make my day" law and most everyone has a gun.

Soon after that we noticed that my phone, camera and computer were gone. The El Paso sheriff got there in a hurry, he was nearby, tracking the bear's trail of overturned garbage cans. He was very nice and mentioned that the make my day law also worked in motor homes.

Shirley and Emery live in a very nice neighborhood, mostly retired military. Even the police officer was surprised that there was a break in there. There are draws and ravines here and there, and the mule deer and bears make good use of them. I don't understand the attitude about bears. I certainly wouldn't be running about the neighborhood armed with a flashlight looking for them. Bears are dangerous in Michigan.

So Paul spent some time on the phone with the insurance company. He and Emery walked around a bit and found the tool that was used to break in the door. Now our lock doesn't work real well. The moron also took our remotes, TV and radio, the motor home ignition and door keys, and who knows what else is missing. Working on the list. electronics cords and stuff too.

Still had a great day with Shirley and Emery, visited the Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Manitou Springs and other places.

And we saw the beer prints in the back yard. He was a big sucker!

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