Friday, September 3, 2010

On to Kansas

Julie pushing Patrick on the swing

Anna and Megan ready to head off to school.

I haven't started quilting, have to baste the layers together while I am here at Julie's.

I babysat the little ones today. Julie had a meeting and Sean and Paul played golf.

Before Julie left we walked the kids in the park, a 2 mile walk. Then I followed Patrick around on his bike, then we played tennis on the back porch. Now Paul is home and he is keeping Patrick busy. I should sleep real good tonight.

Patrick is very, very busy, Emily is just a sweetie. She reminds me so much of Julie as a baby. Easy going all the way.

Had motor home woes on the way here. The first day the fridge wouldn't work on gas mode, so we ran the generator a lot. Was good to have both air conditioners on as it was so very hot. Yesterday, we had to backtrack and get the generator fixed. The idiot light was on plus it "clunked" . Put on a new something, it still clunked a few times.

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