Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Limo Ride to Hear Cody Play at the House of Rock

Our first limo ride, ever. We all met at Sandy and Shawn's condo by the harbor

My hair was rowdy again, oh well, it is always so windy here.

Sandy and Susan

Shawn, Kendall, Javiar


Looks like a rainbow roll on one plate.

Yum, the gulf coast cuisine at it's best

There were at least 5 guys at the sushi bar working hard. The 8 of us ate a ton of sushi, raw oysters (I haven't gone there yet) and pecan crusted oysters, misdo soup. The most surprisingly delicious for me was a very thin slice of raw salmon, rolled up, nothing else on it. It was sweet.

Sushi Bar at the Waterstreet Oyster Bar, I am surrounded by Shawn and Javiar

Kendall and Susan

Cody and mom, Mary Angel, dad Randy was at the airport picking up friends from Kentucky.

It's Cody Angel, man

Kendall's famous mermaid tattoo and likely art

Da Boyz: Paul, Braeden, Shawn, and Javiar

Sandy Kendall, Susan and Marjie. Cody doing sound check

Inner limo

Susan, looking fine


Unknown said...

There is really no such thing as “too late” when it comes to limousine rides. I think the advantage of riding a limo for the first time even with grown-ups is that you can go to many places at once, and you guys can do anything and everything you want during the ride without having budget shortage and curfews.=) Anyway, I’m glad to see you guys had a great time. I bet you enjoyed the ride, and that you’re already planning for your second limousine experience.

Earnestine Novick

Unknown said...

You just can't forget your firsts. :) You all looked like you had a really great time! Anyway, riding a limo can really give you that feeling of complete comfort and luxury while on the road. You can really make the most out of your time while inside the vehicle. Will you be having another limo ride soon? :)

Taisha Bousquet