Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Leaving Port A

New 9th graders at Port A High: Madison, JJ, Carlie and Rachel

Sherry hauling in the winnings on Poker night. She won the whole thing!

Have been packing up the motor home, leaving on Thursday morning. Tying up loose ends and saying good byes. Buying the special things we like to take home, shrimp and a new item this year, caramel from Wiltons candy store. It is exceptional, I got some with walnuts and some with pecans. Oh so yum. I think I need to get two more pounds though.

Sherry and I had lunch today at the Phoenix. Had an excellent chicken sandwich. I am going to miss her so much . We both find the best clothes when we go shopping. We even bought two shirts the same. For some reason this is very fun. And we love a Chinese Buffet in Flour Bluff for our lunches, and shopping at HEB. And everything, (for Susan).

Paul and I have decided we are allergic to the sea weed that is piled high on the beach. Perhaps the mold on it. Last week we had winds off the gulf and suffered and coughed and hacked and slept badly. We had a great allergy free winter, no problem from the red cedar pollen. So we are paying for it now. We had a day of west winds and felt better, went to Aransas Pass and felt great. So we hate leaving but won't miss the coughing.

We had so much fun this year, met many new friends, got to know old friends better, enjoyed exploring in the van. Good idea to bring that down. I joined the Poker Divas and play Texas Hold'em once a month, and even won two hands the last time we played. I am not a game player but love all being with the ladies.

We went dancing and listening to music often, got to know Cody Angel and learned we love the Texas Blues. Ate sushi and oysters and found some amazing new restaurants. Explored the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, saw Whooping Cranes and alligators, loved sitting at the park watching the pelicans, fishermen and acrobatic dolphins.

Had great times with Susan, Javiar and Carlie, Beth and David and JJ, Sandy and Shawn, Marcus and Beth, Frank and Denise, Mavis and Gary, Mary Lou and Tony, and it is getting late and names are eluding me now. Heidi! Kip! Mary and Randy. And many more.

I hate leaving now that it is warm, the unheated pool is in the 80s, and best of all, I can take a shower without turning on the water heater. The water is naturally hot.

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Stephanie said...

It won't be long until you are headed Back!
How exciting to come home and see your new kitchen, and your babies who have missed you!