Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off to Milan, Michigan, of course!

We are going down to Milan, Michigan, to visit with Cyndi and Wyman until Sunday. They qualify as some of our oldest friends still living. A great honor all around. Milan is just south of Ann Arbor, and north of Toledo. Cyndi is a power shopper and we have plans. Paul and Wy are going fishing on Lake Erie and golfing too. Doesn't look like there will be time for Cyndi and I to whip their butts in pinochle. We haven't found time to do that in years. Those two have gotten way too wily. Pet and horse photos later.

Our lake neighbor, Jean Villa, has been up all week. We have had some happy meals together and shopped and watched American Idol last night. I just tried to download the song David Cook sang with ZZ Top. It's not on Itunes and none of the Idol songs are available for downloading right now. Lucky for me I still have the TiVo version. It rocked. This was the first time I followed Idol or watched the last show. Very good entertainment. Jean says it was different/better this time.

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Stephanie said...

This was the first Idol season I didn't watch. I did somehow find the time to watch it this week.
I liked the Mike Meyers skit, he is so funny.
Have fun power shopping, Cyndi and Wyman are always fun! I hope I have lifelong friends like them!