Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fun With Friends

This has been an unusual week here in Port Aransas. It was cold! We got a lot more rain too. It got down to 37 degrees one night. There was great excitement because there was a chance of snow. They closed school early. ????

Thursday we went into Port A with William and Mary Ann to show them where Lug Nuts was and some of our favorite haunts (bars). Started with Bernies, then the Gaff. Lucky us, it was the night of the Pirate Pub Crawl. Adults dress up like pirates and ride around in a pirate ship on a trailer, a parade float actually. Just too fun. R! (short for arrrrgh). Sadly I didn't grab my camera on the way out the door. Next time. Then we followed the pirates to Lovette's Bar. Very smokey with two poker tables going. Two dogs, a big lab and a small wire haired terrier who sat on chairs to watch the card games and napped on the table. Can you imagine that in Michigan? Then on to The Salty Dog, because I love pink grapefruit. Yummy drink. There were three big labs in there, one being the owners. So strange but fun. Then we went to Moby Dick's for food. We found Javiar at the Gaff and Shawn too. Lots of hugs and fun.

On Friday we drove to Corpus with William and Mary Ann. He has a Harley and wanted to check out the store there. It was interesting and full of bikes. Then we ate lunch at Jin's Asian Buffet. It is always voted best in the city and last year was among the top 100 Asian eateries in the USA. The food was excellent and the decor is very nice. Then we shopped at HEB. Yum.

Saturday was sunny and warm enough for a short walk on the beach. Island friends from a few years back, Ken and Lynn had called us for a lunch date at the pizza buffet. So I had until noon to walk. Ran into Carolyn on the way and we had a great walk and talk. The beach was perfect, if a little cool. Low tide, very clean and calm for the ocean. And then the craft show. I had to run in, very nice pics and baskets, Merna's glass jewerly that she makes, in the kiln. And Roma's Scentsy. Then Susan's jewerly. Who could resist the turquoise??? She is pretty artistic.

Ken and Lynn picked us up in their cute little convertible and off we went. Rushed as I was, I forgot to pick up the camera. Drat. We had a great lunch of pizza, salad and soup and lots of catching up. They usually go to the Florida Keys. Then we drove over to the IGA, and Susan and Javiar were in the parking lot! We all had partied together up in Hill Country years go. Hugs and talk. Suddenly we were in the Munoz's truck and off to watch football at their house.

Now this is where I wanted my camera, we went to the Lighted Boat Christmas Parade in the harbor. It was chilly, but pretty. Two of the big tour boats were all decorated and they picked up anyone who wanted a ride, they were supposed to be carolers, and some did sing. After that Santa got off one boat and met all the kids. Then we had the traditional hot tamales and cookies and hot chocolate. I wanted a Whataburger but had to have the traditional South Texas treat. It was ok. It's way better if you don't eat the corn husks. Which someone who shall remain nameless has done in the past. It was fun and different. Island life....

Will snag a parade pic off the net to post.

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