Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Due to many technical difficulties, a bad computer virus, camera won't hook up to the computer and download, tv cable didn't work, Direct TV didn't work, our first week in Texas was problematic and annoying. All is working now except for the camera downloads. What is a blog without pics? Even more boring than usual!

We had nice beach weather on the weekend, then downpours of rain Monday and Tuesday. Today is dawning sunny with puddles. In October the birding ponds were dry, now they are huge, the drought is finally over. We have a lakeside lot!

Since I have no pics I am going to post one of Julie's, Patrick and Anna on the motorcycle we bought him for birthday/Christmas. We rarely see the kids for their birthdays and holidays so we have presents every time we see them. Much more fun.
And to prove the point, two identical pics were posted to this entry. Just more tech junk!

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