Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Carlie and Susan and the new shoes

Cheryl, our favorite waitress at Bernie's

We had a pretty good time this weekend. It has been foggy, cool, windy, rainy and drizzley this week. Saturday was just foggy and 68 degrees. We decided to jump on it and went to town in the golf cart. As we drove over the dunes we saw that the tide was very high. We had to drive right next to the dunes and sometimes, gasp, in the wet sand. Very traumatic to have salt water on our shiny red cart. Big waves too. I don't have a very good grasp on tides, etc, but this was very high and was still high five hours later when we drove home. ???

First we went to Whataburger, I had a coupon for a free burger. Then we went to Bernie's for the happy hour prices. They have free food on Saturdays!! Chilie dogs. GASP. We love chilie dogs and they were fat and yummy. We had to hang around 3 hours so I could get hungry and eat one. While we were there Frank and Denise stopped in and we had fun visiting. We missed the Belt Sander races at the Gaff, good friends are more fun. We met several new friends too.

Then we stopped at the Gaff to see Susan and Javiar, and Carlie of course. On the way in we met Ken and Lyn and friends as they were all leaving. More fun. Then we had a good visit with the Munoz clan. Carlie had just bought new tennis shoes, we share a shoe fetish. They are silver with blue trim. I have pics but they won't download, will keep trying.

Sunday was foggy again and cooler, so we didn't run to town for church. We could hear the big waves. About one pm, Ken and Lyn drove up and asked if we wanted to go to Corpus with them. Sure did. We hit a few very crowded stores. Had amazing sandwiches at Jason's Deli, so very good. Mine was a french dip on a crusty french roll. Excellent. Lots of great meat. Everyone was happy with their food. They wanted to go to the PX for groceries, always interesting to visit the Naval base.

Once we got over the bridge to Padre Island it was very foggy. Didn't get home until after five. Missed going to Bernie's for the band, but we were beat. Good to snuggle in for the night.

Today is very foggy too. We could be in Ireland except the lilt in the voices is a bit more twangy.
And there are more palm trees here. Beer is cheaper. Food is better.

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