Saturday, December 19, 2009

That lovely, sunny Friday

Temps in the low 50s but no wind and SUNNY made for a perfect day. Paul took pics of a flock of white pelicans that winter in this area. Pelicans tend to fly in a long synchronized line, choregraphed by the wind currents. They were soaring and gliding, making figure eights and circles, very beautiful and graceful.

We had a long beach walk, met Lyn and Ken at the Spaghetti House for a late lunch. Then we headed over to Bernie's for socializing. The ladies from the VFW were there after putting together all the Christmas Baskets for the area. The bartender, Richard, got out some of his favorite toys to play with. We got some photos of that too. Met some new folks. A nice treat after the rainy week. And the sun is coming up again, no clouds.

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