Thursday, December 31, 2009

Times Square on Christmas Eve

Mark, Katie, Marjie and Paul on the "red steps" in the median in Times Square. It was cold and windy but not too crowded. The bill board signs are so amazing, just like you see on TV. Very interesting.

Stephanie and the Charmin Bear. This was a large free bathroom sponsored by Charmin TP. A woman was also wearing an inflatable toilet, we have a picture but Steff is sitting on it. See at the top. Charming in all ways.

Happy Mark and Katie, see the Fire truck in the background, for Mark the fireman; and the Loft for Katie, the shopper.

Happy Steff, Marjie and Paul.

There is so much I haven't written about in NYC. We had a super time. Yesterday I told Paul how he was a perfect husband on this trip, never complained about all the running and $$ and shopping, he said he had a fabulous time. It was so much fun. Just so. Look at our smiles.
Katie and Mark had so many fun things planned and great food. Very good entertainers. I didn't buy anything in NYC, didn't want to carry it all day.

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