Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Today, Dec. 22, we are flying to Katie and Mark's for Christmas for a week. William is driving us to the Corpus Christi Airport. I will still have blogs and hopefully many pictures. We are taking the train into the city on Christmas Eve to see the Rockettes show and enjoy the city. Steff is meeting us in Chicago for the last leg of our flight. Katie and Mark live about 70 miles north of NYC, about a mile west of the Hudson River, in Marlboro.

Our nice weather is holding. Sunday was beautiful again. Went to church, had happy hour here in the park with our neighbors, and went to Bernie's for the band with Mavis and friends. Monday was sunny and 60s too. The ocean was very calm, a very rare thing. Reminded us of Lake Michigan. Had some nice walks. The only day I didn't take my camera to the beach.

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