Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catch up Blog

This is the view from Ken's balcony, the Gaff. Looking the other way is the ocean.
Then a pic of his dining table and couch and TV. The chase lounge was borrowed by the other condo.
The kitchen is awsome, love the shiney glass blocks on the walls.
The sink is very unique and, of course, I love the granite.

Ken Plagens got here last Wednesday night, a day early. Just in time for four dreary days at the beach. By pure chance he is staying in one the efficiency units over the Island Cycle/Lug Nuts building. It is so nice, we are cooking and eating there. Granite counter tops, all new stainless appliances, Pottery Barn furniture, etc. I will get pics.

We had planned dinner with Mavis, Rick and Shirlene for Wed. and Ken joined us. Very good and fun. On Tursday it was cold (60s) and cloudy with a few rain drops, we went to Corpus to get Ken some fishing clothes so he wouldn't look like a farmer on the beach. Academy has the best clothes for men. Just like Columbia, but half the price.

This is supposed to be the busy spring break week, but so far pretty calm here. Late one night we met three Marine Biologist grad students on the porch of the Gaff. They live in student housing right up in the beach dunes. What a place to be in college. So the days are all running together, rides on the beach, basketball on TV, sitting in bars talking to folks. By Friday I had used up all the bar time I can stand in one week. Sunday we tried to do laundry, as soon as we got in it started pouring. And this is Texas rain, huge drops. Had to wait go get back to the motor home. And now the water birds are very happy and the ponds are full at last. A 65 year-old-man was struck by lightening and killed on the beach.

Monday we all went to Mexico with James and Roma. It was sunny and hot, 91. Ate some good food, shopped a little. Muled out lots of booze. I got a nice turquoise and silver drop for my necklace. Haggled with a boy for a straw purse. It is a long trip down, but we laughted most of the way.


Andrea said...

I love the look of glass tile. I've seen in a lot of magazines lately and of course on HGTV.

Marjie said...

It is very nice in person, and reflects the light. Will be in style for a few years and then be passe, no doubt.