Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Neighbors and Keenan's in DC

As the Winter Texan's leave the park, summer people move in. Just down from us is a huge fifth wheel. The couple that own it have 3 adult foster care folk. They are all very nice and polite and look to be in their late 40s or 50s. This must be a two bedroom RV to hold 5 adults. I see them walking down to the showers by themselves so they are pretty independent. They all seem real happy. Nice to see them so well taken care of and enjoying life as a vacation. George is always grilling ribs and what ever for them.

Sunday night we got new neighbors next door. A huge white motor home and a white hummer. They are nice. Have paid for this lot for 4 years without ever being here. Apparently they have a trucking company that hauls for HEB Groceries. Every night they go away and their little dogs barks for hours. Naturally they leave the TV on loud to keep it company. Guess the dog doesn't like TV after all. This area of the park is dog free from November to April. Got used to no barking.
Added a pic from Julie's blog of Sean, Julie, Patrick, Megan and Anna at the Lincoln Memorial in DC. They are just back from a family reunion out there. Good to see them all together, can see how tall Megan is getting. Megan was disappointed that it wasn't brown, like on the penny.

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