Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Shoemaker Brothers

Last night we went with Wendy and Mike to the Gaff to hear the Shoemaker Brothers play. Heard that they were good and they were! They are a mix of folk, blues and Irish music. They write their own songs, play each other's instruments and are very good on strings. They had a guitar, a base viola, violin, maybe another violin. They all look like violins to me, just different sizes. They had a set of drums and a single drum too. Looked like an Indian drum perhaps. This is the start of spring break, but it was never too crowded to get a seat, they played outside. The Gaff is more of a townie bar. The kids were at Bernie's, and as it is a light week of spring break they were no where near their limit of 850 people with a line going around the block.

Naturally, Paul was talking to Gabe, the youngest brother, he is 21, and the others are 22, 23, and 24. He said they were in school and they just said "F##k it! Lets just do our music." And they do it well. They were up in Austin on a gig and had some free time. They were told to just head for the coast and they would find something. Had no idea that spring break was coming. They have played in LA and all over, are from near Seattle in a little logging town. They like Port A, it is like grad school for relaxation. We bought the CD, and they were singing the songs on it, so think it might be the new one. They have a website with links to myspace and face book, etc.

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