Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grand Opening at Island Cycles

Saturday was the grand opening of Island Cycles/Lug Nuts. Great Party with great food. Lots of free give aways. The food was from La Playa, a nearby restaurant and some other wonderful chef. Very good nachos and chevechi of shrimp and fish (they are cooked with lime juice etc). The chef made Shrimp and Crawdad Boil. I learned how to eat mud puppies (crawdads) just pull off the heads, suck them out and pull out the tail meat. The tails are good, like tiny lobster tails. As to the rest I am highly suspicious of eating green and yellow stuff.

The DJ started playing about 5, and the band started around 8. The chef just kept cooking. He did a stir fry over his big gas cooker, with peppers, onions, pineapple, shrimp, cocktail sauce, etc. and served it over bow tie pasta. Excellent. I left about 8:30 with Rick in his VW Thing. I was pretty tired after Mexico on Friday. He had the top and windows off, and it was pretty fun to ride in. You could see a million stars. Paul says the chef just kept cooking! He drove home in the golf cart along the beach, and got home about 10.

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