Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flotson and Jetson

Haven’t had a blog lately, sorry Marty, so this is some catch up. First I have a few pics of spring break when Ken was here. It was a beautiful day and we grilled fahitas and Kogel Hot dogs on the beach. Very yummy, just a little sandy. Pic of Ken and Javiar
On Sunday everyone but Paul and I went out on the party fishing boat. Ken caught the biggest fish and won the $75 pot. He bought a round of drinks after. See pic of Susan enjoying her drink on the back porch.

Then we had some dreary humid weather. All week the humidity was high, between 80% and 100%. Then suddenly on Saturday it was in the 90s and 10% humidity. And the beach was a mess most of the week. Lots of junk came in with the Sargasso grass. The tides were high and the wind was high and the waves were up to the dunes in some places. Very difficult to walk or do anything on the beach. Then another storm came in and cleaned out most of the junk.
This would be the jetson and flotson portion of the blog. After a storm blows in the sargasso grass, the beach is littered with all the junk that caught up in the grass out in the ocean. The first storm brought in flip flops and pieces of flip and flop, the odd tennis shoe and one expensive Crock pump. And yes I did look for the other one. Then we had the sun glasses storm. Lots and lots of sun glasses, and pieces. This was followed by oranges and onions. Then lots and lots of coconuts. By far the most interesting was the toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, brushes, combs, broken mirror frames, small travel bottles, empty glass perfume bottles, and on and on. I am hopeful that this stuff is from the last hurricaine and not from cruise ship dumping. Last fall after the hurricaine when the junk was really rolling in, up to and including refrigerators, Roma found two pawns, 18 inch tall chess pieces, a black and a white one. They were from a park in Galveston and they rolled up on the beach here in Port Aransas. Next to each other.
I will add a picture of it asap.

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