Monday, April 7, 2008

And we're off!

We are leaving this morning. Had lots of good byes on Sunday. All the Texans want us to move down here. Uh, no. It gets too hot and we are wimps. Plus we love our lake in the summmer. but mostly they party way too hard for us. We just can't keep up. It is like being surrounded by the Boyles when they have their Irish relatives visiting for a week. Exciting and fun but exhausting. It is kind of like Christmas every day with a house full of four-year-olds, and some of them are hung over and cranky.

So we are taking a new and improved Texan approved route, bypassing San Antonio and Austin, cities full of the NCAA Final and clogged traffic. Now we only have to worry about Fort Worth and the NASCAR race congestion. Apparently the party groups of campers don't leave the race track until Monday. We will contrive at any rate. We will be at Julie's on Tuesday, for sure. Don't want to miss any baby hugs or little girl giggles. If all goes as planned we will be at Andrea's on April 18, and home on the 21st.

The weather was perfect this weekend, sunny and 80s with not much wind. Hate to leave but can't wait to get home.

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