Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny in Manhattan

This is our last full day at Julie's, God willing and the part comes in from Winnebago for the motor home. It has been a good visit. Especially when it warmed up and the sun came out. Patrick is at the perfect baby age, adorable, smiley, his first tooth popped out on Tuesday without any screams. He will sit on the floor and chew on a book for long periods of time. If he gets cranky, mom feeds him. I get to feed him cerial and sweet potatoes. He loves to eat. He can't crawl and get into things. He can't fall down the stairs. He stands in his baby seat and dances, getting strong enough so he can run. He says DaDa often, and if you ask him where Grandpa is, he looks right at him. So this is fun. We haven't spent this much time with a baby in 25 years. I took the photo of Julie and Patrick at 7 am today.

Anna is cute and busy. Both she and Megan can run and jump for hours at a time. They love to pull weeds out of the flower gardens. We brought some things from the ocean for Show and Tell, a starfish, sand dollar, mermaids purse and fancy shells. Anna took them to nursery school on Tuesday. Megan get them on Friday. She doesn't like going to school while we are here, but got used to it. She is a big help to her mom and is so smart and pretty. Tall and slender.

We have been giving them little gifts during our visit. Yesterday was tape measures. Now we know that Megan, 6, is 49 inches tall and Anna, 4, is 40 inches tall.

We hope to get the part put in the motor home early on Thursday, and head out towards South Bend, IN to see Andrea, Ryan, Charlie and Julia. And stop in Grand Rapids to see Steff on Sunday night or Monday morning. Then home to Clare.

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