Saturday, April 26, 2008

Homemade rolls

This is a photo of shell art that Roma made, and gave to me before we left Port A. It matches my fireplace perfectly. Love it. I watched her make them, a lot of work involved.

Finally, on Thursday I had some cooking and baking time. Well I would have cooked if I hadn't left the venison out all night thawing. Couldn't make crock pot venison steak on noodles after that. Too scary for me. However, I made half wheat/white rolls with onion and dried tomatoes and oregano. Priscilla inspired me, she made bread with the dried tomatoes folded into the dough. Since she gave me several bags of dried tomatoes, I gave it a try. Very excellent. Also made a batch of my world famous Turtle Brownies. Yum. Gave most of them to the Direct TV guy. Also to Marti and Woody with some rolls. Will try the venison dish today. Maybe Julie's dish with fresh asparagus. That is always tasty and the season for asparagus just started here.

Oh no, can't find Julie's steak and asparagus stir fry recipe. Will link it when I find it.

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Andrea said...

I am making a chicken and asparagus dinner this week. I'll have to let you know how it turns out. Love asparagus!