Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grand time with the grand kids

Julie has been very busy with activities for Megan and Anna. Friday night was the school carnival. We volunteered to stay home with Patrick. Partly to avoid the cold night, and partly to protect Patrick from all the germy rug rats at the carnival. And we have been there before. Lots of times. Saturday the girls had two consecutive birthday parties to attend.

Sean flew to Virginia on Thursday to speak to a class at Leo's school. Might have been biology, as he was there as a doctor? Or maybe careers. He got back about 1 pm today. We went to a local brew pub for sandwiches. I had a Philly cheese steak and Paul had a reuben, and we split. They were both very good and so were the fries and real home made onion rings.

Paul and I went to church, it was long. Today they honored the military parishioners. Sang America the Beautiful, etc. Some of the parishioners are deployed, their wives got a yellow rose. It was quite nice and well done. Kansas State is making a documentary on the military here and they filmed the mass and procession hoping to use some of the footage. Oh, lots of K of C there in fancy dress. Even on guy with purple cape and hat. Never saw that before, he must be the top knight of the state.

This all sounds so boring. It isn't. The kids are a lot of fun. Incredibly active. Just watching them wears me out. Patrick is darling and very happy. He loves chew on books and toys, he stands in his play table thing and makes it play music -- you hit the dog 4 times, it plays Beethoven's 5th symphony. He dances to the music, maybe he will have the music gene. It is very, very recessive on both sides.
It is still very cold here and windy.

Right now the girls are playing in their bounce house. Hope it wears them down a bit.

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