Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flogging Mary

Last night as we were walking into the Gaff a young woman was leaving and her pirate tee shirt had a picture of a pirate woman and said Flogging Mary. Very interesting. Got to Google her. I found this site that has the words to Flogging Mary, the song.

We spent the afternoon at Roberts Park and got more shrimp from the Alicia Kay, watched birds and the ferry boats. We stopped at the Munoz Beach house as it was on the way home. Javier bought some wings from Hooters. Yum. His neighbor, Donny, then called to complain that our big hunking motor home was blocking the road and have that ass h_le move it. So we went to his house to harass him back. Had beer. He had his kids there to do some work and they were fixing to grill dinner. Had a very interesting potato recipe. Get a big tin foil pan, fill it with cut up potatoes, a pound of cut up butter, garlic, onions, and two cans of good beer, not Lone Star. Set it on the side of the grill, cover with foil, and cook for 2 hours, top with lots of cheese. We will have to try it.

After all this we went to the Gaff and got pizza and more beer. With Carlie and the dog of course. Carlie asked a question I have often puzzled over, "Why is the glass so clean in some of the windows and not all of them?" Oddly, the answer is "there is no glass in the clean spots, it broke out. " So on either side of the bar there is not windows. Low to the ground. Cats could just walk in and out. And probably do. A cold front had come through earlier and it was in the 60s and windy, someone complained about the draft so they stuck in a handy piece of cardboard box. Then the heat came on. ?? It is just so different here.

I am so ready to leave now. Paul too. He packed up the Direct TV dish even. This is going to be a good weather weekend, and we decided to leave early Monday morning. Should make it past Fort Worth on Monday, and to Manhattan, Kansas, easily on Tuesday. Yay! One reason we are ready to leave, besides wanting to see the kids and grands, is the sea weeds are deep and fragrant. Makes walking on the beach a trial.

It is always good to get here, and good to leave. Good to get home, good to leave home. Looking forward to having fun with Donny and Shirley next winter. They are such fun people.

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