Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Beautiful Sunrise

It is 31 degrees at 6 am, Tuesday. A beautiful quarter moon in the southern sky with the west turning pink and purple as the sun rises. Normal low is 40 degrees here and now. At least it didn't snow. We had a fire in the fireplace last night, very cozy and warm.
I just ran out to take pictures, sounds like a happy turkey day with all the gobble gobble going on. The white spot by the oak tree is the moon.


Stephanie said...

It's beautiful!
I always love to see a picture from home.

julie said...

Good use of the framing technique. Do we need to hook you up with the fun new rebel?

Marjie said...

I am going to look into a new camera right away. Might get a good Nikon Point and Shoot. Have to research it. Learned from experience, all the setting are hard to remember when you suddenly see a great shot.

I learned framing in art photography in college. I highly recommend the classes, very fun.