Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stewed Okra?

On Monday, we rode the ferry across the channel to Aransas Pass. Paul wanted to get the oil changed in the rig at Walmart. It is a very nice store, fun to have time to look at everything. And buy everything. And then we shopped at HEB. Then we went to the Bakery Cafe, across the street for lunch. I had heard good things about it. Paul had breakfast there once and said it was only ok. It was hopping with locals, they had a big menu, lots of Mexican foods, but I chose to have the chicken fried steak, voted "Best In the Area." It was very good, made with real cube steak, good gravey, sides of country fries, sauteed chunks of real potatoes, and stewed okra! I was feeling like a local perched there on a swivel stool at the counter, so I chowed down the orka. It is not like Campbell's canned Gumbo okra. It was cut in larger pieces and there were lots of seeds. It was firmer. The sauce might have been a chicken broth with a red tinge of color and flavor, or it might have been mild spices. Very different yet familiar. Then we got red jello with a dab of reddi whip on top. Just like mom used to make! Is it 1961 yet?

When we got back to the ferry we saw 25 or more large red fish, surface feeding near the ferry. They we at least 35 inches long. I know because while we are at Roberts Landing Park a guy caught a 31 inch, 35 pound Black Drum. He had to throw it back because it was so large, before throwing it in he had to puncture it and press the air out of its body, or else it would just float and die.

Adding a picture of the spoonbills that are in the park. They are the large pink birds. Sorry I coudn't get closer. The birds are all jumpy.

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