Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend News

Sunday was our first day of beautiful weather. It was sunny and in the 80s, winds only 15 mph. Hot sun and dry air. ahhhh. By 6 pm the fog was rolling in. It was so damp my bed table was soon puddled with water from the open window. The folding shade was dripping.

Paul and I talked to Charlie on the phone, he has such a cute voice. And Julia was screaming all the time in the background. Happy squeals. She is walking around now. Julie and Sean had Patrick baptised on Saturday after mass. She sent photos. We are leaving in one week. Can't wait to get my grandma hands on Patrick, he has grown so much. I have made some kits to teach Anna and Megan how to do Swedish weaving. It will be a stretch for Anna, but they have to do the same things always. It will be good for their math brains. Not sure what it will do for my brain. And Katie and Mark are looking for a house in New York state, and she likes her job, it is easy. Way to go Katie. Steff had emailed me about some new sock yarn they are getting in, can't wait to see it.
This past week three of our couple friends have left, Larry and Katherine back to Illinois and freezing rain, Rick and Shirlene back to Weatherford, Ok, and bad storms, and Randy and Caroline back to Arkansas and flooding. I sure hope that it is spring in Clare in a few weeks for us! And Billy Ray and Sherry left for Tulsa on Thursday too. Paul called him today and it was raining hard and a tornado was 40 miles from them. Oh, it is scary to go back to the weather.

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