Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Oyster Festival in Fulton, TX

We went to the Oyster Festival up in Fulton on Saturday. It was very crowded, the food was good, and the weather was better. The line for oysters was very long, we all ate other things. Paul had Polish sausage with saurkraut and onions, I had a pulled pork sandwich and we split 6 fried shrimp on a kabob. The food booths are set up and run by various churches and organizations. There is a huge tent with booths of goods and crafts, another huge tent with live music and food. And beer of course.

Carlie and Susan went on several rides. We had pictures taken with a monkey. Does it get any better?? We stopped at the Moon Dog Cafe on the way back to the car. It is right on the bay. Susan got a plate of oysters there and said they were really good. This year the oysters came from Louisiana, as the local ones are too toxic to eat. Something is poluting the water. Paul and I had sweet potato fries and a Philly Steak Sub. Good eats. I made the mistake of drinking two tubs of diet coke. I was awake until 2 am, with my heart going pitty pat real fast like. Too much caffine for me. Back to the no diet coke diet.

We got home at 6:35 and had 10 minutes before Billy Ray and Sherry picked us up for the evenings entertainment. Threw on the warmest clothes we could find. Went to a nice little outside bar, The Back Porch, that was having a blues style country band playing for the evening. We sat by a big heater and had blankets and left before the music even started. The wind picked up strong and we were right on the harbor. So we left there and went to the Blue Tuna. They had really nice music too. Just one guy, it was more like a soft easy jazz style. Nice for visiting and listening. Now that spring breaks have started there is live music everywhere.

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