Saturday, March 22, 2008

Exploring Charlie's Pasture

We hit the beach by 9:30 on Friday to get out favorite spot at mile marker 19. It was sunny, sometimes nice and warm, sometimes windy and more chilly. Big waves. Lots of kids to watch. Denise and Frank and their son's family was there fishing (caught a nice Black Drum). They have a little girl and baby boy. Very cute. Rick and Shirlene stopped by for awhile too. And Javier and Susan and Carlie came. He was working on Friday so they were later.

When it got on to 4 pm, we decided to leave and go fishing at Charlie's Pasture. We left our motor home at their house and drove in the truck. I had never been there. It is public land bordering the shipping channel, a very busy port site. It was a very, very bumpy road. Us girls were ratteling around the back seat like peas in a pan. Fishing was lousy, but it was interesting all the same. Susan's dad had heard about a good fishing hole in the river that went to the marina. We headed there, having a devil of a time getting up the sandy slope. And at the same time met Susan and Javier's new neighbors driving in, Shirley and Donny! Very nice Texans. Then we run into Susan's parents, Carlene and Jim. So he lead us all to the sweet spot for fishing, a crazy trail through sand hills and we almost got stuck again.

When we got there they fished some more. Tide was going out so no luck there. But cool boats flying by. So when we left we got really stuck hard. Jim and Carlene came back to see what happened to us and they tried to pull out, see the pic, not a lot of luck. Then Donny and Shirley came back. He noticed that the truck wasn't in 4 wheel drive. And that helped a lot. Guess you had to go into low 4 using the outside wheels. So it was nice to leave and we drove across the salt flats instead of driving through the dunes.

When we got back to the house Carlie and I made a big batch of Chili Jack Chicken and Rice, and a big salad. Carlie was a big help and made the whole salad herself. She is a good sous chef for 11 years old! That is just the best recipe. A good end to a busy day.

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