Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sizzling on the Beach

Saturday was a pretty perfect beach day. We got there by 9:30. Someone was in our favorite spot. A trailer, all settled in for the week. And as you learned yesterday, that is a big no-no. Paul politely asked them to move their sand covered baby and we pulled in next to them. So Paul goes over and tells them that they have to move to mile marker 27. Oddly, they believe him and move. Ah, the power of gray hair. We have our favorite site again. A little later a French motor home pulls in next to us. Paul tried to explain they couldn't spent the night, but he had that Quebec attutide and unloaded all his gear and set up for the weekend. They left in a couple of hours. We did warn them.

I took a 2 mile beach walk about 10 am, wasn't long and the fat in my arms was sizzling. Ah, a hot Texas sun. It got to 88 here on the island, with a nice breeze. The weather we have been longing for.

Foodie Report: Javier made a most delicious lunch. Grilled smoked sausages, sauerkraut straight from the can, on a grilled tortilla, onions, mustard, (and ketchup for me). I had Paul grill me a hotdog but then had to have the sausage on tortilla. It was heavenly. You know how a bun is too much white bread? The tortilla enhanced and brought out the sausage flavor. When Javier was a kid his parents cooked this on the beach. I am pretty sure the sausages were the Kolbassa brand, made in San Antonio, your basic smoked sausage would work. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.

It was a great people watching day. I saw the cartoon character "Maxine" wearing a pink checked two piece. Bleached hair with a big bow on top. Smoking. I will take the camera on my walk tomorrow.

We met a very interesting couple with five kids. He is in an army unit that doesn't have uniforms or pesky rules. Has had 5 trips to Iraq and 3 to Afghanistan. I will get more about this. His very nice wife was in a bikini, size 2, maybe, with softball sized implants. If that isn't going to look odd when she is 70. Anyway, Paul even noticed them and told me. No stretch marks. How can that happen? Sorry, I was too interested to take photos. couldn't pull myself away from the conversation. I am sure we will find them again on Sunday.

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Stephanie said...

I like that dad keeps his shirt on, at least for the photos.