Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Beach Day With Sky Divers

What a fun day at the beach. Lots of interesting people and activities. The most exciting was the sky divers. We also saw them on Friday, but today they ducked around Paul's kite and landed right next to us. There was a grown up man with his half grown sons who had a skeleton hanging from the vehicle. The neighbors had little kids to play with. I have posted pics on Webshots and some here. On Webshots I can label the photos and you will know who, what and where. There is a link to my Webshots under Places to go on the left side of this page. From that album you can go to my other albums too.
Javier grilled sausage and tortilla's with saurkraut again. We stopped at the Beach Lodge for a birthday drink with Katherine. Topped off with a Shrimp Boil at the Munoz Beach House with their lovely and interesting new neighbors (Shirley and Donny) and friends Mark and Carol and boy Jack, and brother Jim and Tanisha and their son. Susan's dad made everyone excessively strong Bloody Mary's, mine had at least a half cup of vodka in it, I watered a plant with it. The shrimp boil was fiery. Besides the usual array of spices they added two bottles of "Go Juice." Which must be liquid fire. It was hot by Michigan standards. Still ate it. Update note: The Go Juice isn't the hot stuff, it was the tin of spices and bag of spices that Mark threw in.
It was great to visit with old and new friends and drip shrimp juice everywhere. The sky was full of stars and beautiful with no bugs at all. Guess they haven't arrived yet.


Stephanie said...

So when are you and dad going sky diving?

julie said...

I bet the plant died.

Marjie said...

Some of the sky divers were tandem, and they were quite old, the guy had a long grey beard. They landed hard, butt first on the sand. No thanks.

I think the vodka and clamato juice would be a plant food. I will watch it.