Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Update

On Friday we drove to Corpus Christi to restock the pantry, as it was bare. Also hit Walmart, always fun. So HEB was great as usual. Got some really good food samples. They have actual cooks at kiosks in the store, cooking. A sushi area too. We had an excellent Enchilada Casserole, it has only four ingredients; and Roasted Potato Salad with Bacon Dressing. The secret to that was the Canyon Foods Bacon Vinaigrette. It had a $1 off coupon attached so you can guess it was pricy. But very good, exactly like the dressing for the spinach and bacon salad with hot dressing. Love that. We also had fresh pineapple, and muffins. There were two other food stations going but I didn't want to slip into a coma right there in the store. This HEB has the best Bear Claws ever. I buy one and have 1 bite a day. yum. Paul likes the chocolate donuts. We share.

It was cloudy and high 70s in Corpus, but the sun was out on the beach. Javier and daughter, Carlie, were in Port A already. He has a new job in Corpus and rented a house in Port A. Susan and Carlie are staying back at the ranch until it sells. Exciting times. We went to see their new digs. Very liveable, needs some paint. Owners are still fixing it up.

Paul met some guys on the beach, one was having a big 40th birthday party this weekend, so naturally, as Texans, they invited us all. Nobody as friendly as a Texan.

Paul and I stopped at The Wharf for dinner and both got fried shrimp. It was very fresh and firm and was breaded with cracker crumbs. Pretty good. A nice big salad bowl to split and those tasty battered fries. Ah, yes, a whole day of health food.

Saturday was the craft show and yard sale here at the park. We never noticed it in past years, just headed for the beach. I went to pick up our mail and what a surprise. The clubhouse was full of people and great stuff. It was wonderful. I had to call Paul to come down and bring his wallet. The wood carver club at the park had amazing things. Lots of jewery, hand made. Roma's beautiful, artsy shell creations, crocheted afghans, teddy bears in sweaters, shells in frames, dvds of the area, and tees with local birds on them. Nothing tacky at all.

A lady from Norway, MI, had beautiful stone bracelets, etc.; and a German lady had crocheted bead necklaces. I will post some photos later. Amazing work. I asked the lady from MI if she would teach a class in jewery next winter. Got her card so I can nag.

We ate breakfast at the club house, and met new friends at the same time. Learned about a beautiful camp ground in NW New Mexico right on a huge fly fishing river. Sites on the river and elk and deer in the nearby fields. Got it on the bucket list.

Then off to the beach. Met up with the Munoz's and the party people. A big jelly fish day. But beautiful. Good walking. Exhausted, zonked out early.

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