Friday, March 21, 2008

New Look

My blog's new look is entirely accidential. I am trying to make it more normal. Sorry.

We didn't drive to the beach on Thursday. Paul cleaned the rig and played poker. I walked. We had happy hour at Rick's and Shirlene's. Paul and Rick made beer can spinners.

The beach was wide and beautiful. Not too crowded. There are a set of triplet sisters here, about 12 years old, beautiful and tall with long black hair. They were having a spirited mud fight on the beach. I was sitting on the board walk as they walked back and I asked who won. The girl with mud in her hair said she did. Mom and Grandma looked a little worn out. Fun to watch.

We are leaving for the beach at 9 am today. Or maybe a bit later. Already 8:20. Pictures to follow.

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