Sunday, March 30, 2008

How to Leave A Comment

You can leave an anonymous comment, and then say "this is Sherrie" , if indeed that is your name. We all have too many passwords already.


Stephanie said...

I'll leave you comments, I know how fun it is to get them.

Also, these crazy letters you speak of are called captcha.
I hate them also. They are much easier to read here than on myspace though. There you have the choice to make people use it or not.

Sher said...

This IS Sherrie, After reading the post it seemed only fair to post a comment.

FYI I still had to get an account and another password in order to leave a comment. Okay okay I did use an old password for this one. How secure does this have to be anyway? On my screen there was no place to leave an annyomous (where is that spell checker?)comment. It just wouldn't go any farther till I filled in all the blanks.