Friday, March 28, 2008

Another week slides by

Weeks here just slide by and poof. We are sitting around all tired out on Sunday night, and then it is Thursday night and another week hits the dust. Where do those days go?

We spend as much as possible at the beach. Thursday was windy and in the high 70s. The high winds of Wednesday brought in a lot of junk. In one mile of beach I picked up 3 intact light bulbs and 3 glass bottles. And as much plastic crap as I could carry to the trash bin. Plastic is the biggest offender. Water bottles lead the way with packing materials close behind.
The sea weeds are Sargasso grass, which forms the Sargasso Sea. Which many miles of the grass floating out in the ocean. All the junk floats into it -- keeping the ocean clean, and it floats to land when the weeds blow in. Many marine creatures live in the floating raft of weeds. When they land on the beach it helps to build the dunes and feed the birds and spreads seeds from island to land, etc. The seeds are called sea beans, and there are many and varied. There are books with photos of the seeds and names. Of course they are hard and light so they float easily. I like the monkey face and heart of the sea.

I took a picture of a jelly fish yesterday. I posted the photo of a large one before, this one is about 2 inches across. Sometimes we find very tiny ones, they just look like a small dot of clear jelly. Also I have a photo of a Portuguese Man of War.

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