Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's up in Port Aransas

Katie says I have to write a blog post about ten facts, she tagged me. This is going to die right here because I don't know 5 people with blogs.

1. Yesterday was the fourth time this spring a tornado has touched down in the Corpus Christi area. We saw this tornado warning when we got home from shopping. Had no idea until we got out of the truck and saw the black sky. It was pretty windy, and the wind was full of sand. There was a sand storm to the west of us, and it all came down in the rain. I am pretty sure Paul is planning on washing the motor home today.

2. We went to Corpus with Rick and Shirlene to shop on Tuesday. It was fun, they are so interesting. From Ok, and just as nice as Texans are. We like the same stores. Found Macy's, a nice big one! We ate at a wonderful Chinese buffet restaurant, Golden Kitchen on Staples Street. Quite good, too bad we don't like sushi. I have been wanting Chinese food. They also will make you stir fry right there. Paul is reading the Caller-Times and said the tornado touched down on Staples, went 2 1/2 miles, 100 yards wide. Only 85 mpr winds. Mostly just trees down and windows broken.

3. We haven't been to the beach since Sat. It got cold and windy and foggy. Too bad for the spring breakers. Not good beach time. Today the high is 68, and it is sunny and windy. I will take photos this weekend. Too good to miss.

4. My big job of the day is to fix my split nail. I have bought and learned how to apply acrylic material. I bought the special uv nail dryer. It came with a shaper. Which is a battery operated electric drill with many attachments to file and shape nails. Isn't this just more than anyone wants to know? Blame Katie.

5. The sand dunes are full of rattle snakes. That is why they have boardwalks over the dunes. Shirlene told me a very interesting story yesterday. When she was 6, in first grade, she and her 9 year old uncle got off the school bus for a half mile walk to the farm. A black racer snake started chasing them. She couldn't keep up so uncle threw her over his shoulder and ran, giving her the view of a big black snake at their heels, chasing them. I never thought that a snake could chase you, and go fast. One more reason to live up north. Never been chased by a snake. Needless to say, Shirlene is terrified of snakes. Huge phobia. Can't blame her.

6. The St. Patrick's Day party at the park was fun on Monday night. Tumble Dry Low played and we danced a lot. Paul's knee is all better so we can dance. Can't hardly remember how. Lots of food. Grandpa's and kids dancing. Always fun. There are many families here for spring break.

7. Our Tivo card is dead. I have direct tv on the bedroom tv, we hooked the front one up to cable. How can you watch tv without Tivo? It is so primative. And annoying. New card can't come soon enough.

8. Eva Longoria Parker does a HEB commercial that is amazing. She is from San Antonio.

9. Rick has made me three beverage can spinners. He is the king of cans here.

10. I have no more ideas or facts.


julie said...

Hmm, building a house near the sand dunes suddenly not appealing at all.

Marjie said...

Very true. Although you would be up on stilts. Don't forget the wind.