Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Break Begins

On Friday, spring break began with our usual polite pissing match with the local police. Only polite because Paul talks to them instead of me getting us thrown in jail. We park on the beach on mile marker 19, an officerette stops and tells us we have to move and park between mile markers 27 to 34. We say we aren't camping here, we leave by 5. We think, "don't you have anything better to do? Go arrest some drunken children who are driving crazy in monster trucks. " Since we are grandparent-like to all these kids it keeps the lid down on things a little.

We know the parking ordinance pretty well after 5 years, you can't camp in a RV overnight unless between 27 and 34. You can park. But no, she got promoted to Sgt. and knows it all. Politely. So we have to leave. Paul makes several phone calls, he and Billy Ray ride down in his pickup to 27, the sand road is all torn up, a favorite pass time of young men with big 4 wheel drive pickups. We could never get in and out of there. A problem to us and the motor home is our only transpo.

So Billy Ray and Sherry leave, we are packing up. Our shiny new Sgt. drives up again, Paul says he is packing up, has to dump the coals from our grill. She says she went in to the office and reread the ordinances, reviewed the SOP for the last few years, and we are right, and don't have to leave. She apologized three times. Wow. Yay!!!! We love the beach. We call our friends and they came for happy hour.

It was supposed to be a wonderful, 80 degree, sunny day. And it was above the fog. Almost burnt through a couple of times. Then the wind picked up. Sand started blowing and the temp dropped. Us ladies went in the motor home to visit. Then we gave up the ghost and left. We were eating sand until bedtime, sand everywhere. My eyebrows were full of sand.

Today looks calm and the sun is out. Heading to the beach about 9:30 to get our favorite spot at marker 19.

I wonder how the spell check works on this system.

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