Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Hour Snacks

On Wednesday, Nellie and Rex, Rick and Shirlene and Mavis provided snacks for happy hour. Highlights were Texas Caviar, a Philipinio meat roll, and that yummy New Orleans style sausage with rice in it, Budan. Ron and Marlene, the great dancers, are leaving this morning for home in Midland, Michigan. So this was a goodby happy hour. They do go dancing at the American Legon in Sanford on Tuesday nights until summer. Maybe we can see them there. Twenty-four attended this happy hour and filled up the driveway and lawn.

So we are down to Rick and Shirlene and Paul and I and Mavis. Mavis said she didn't get to eat much at her party and was hungry and wanted to go to The Cancun Mexican Restaurant. I raised my hand right away. Always ready to eat. Paul is never hungry, he went and played poker. The food was really good. I got #23, it was tiny bits of fajita meat to make tacos with, beans, rice. Shirlene got #5, it had a really good meat in a sauce to make tacos with. Rick had a T bone steak. Mavis's dish involved meat and tacos too. Everyone was happy. I took two tacos home for Paul, who won $25 playing nickle dime poker. And he enjoyed it all too.

For the record, prices at the Cancun were $5 and some change, except the steak a bit more. We got our food very fast. It was clean and in a nice new strip mall right on the highway. Excellent tortillas.

Today is looking sunny and warm so off to the beach. Paul didn't wash the rig yesterday. Everyone else was washing and there was no water pressure. It was worse in Corpus, cars looked like they had mud balls all over them. So wash and then the beach.

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