Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Moaning

It is 7:15 and the sky is clear, just some marine haze over the ocean. Sun should be peeking up soon. Only 55 degrees. It is mostly going to be in the high 60s this week. Should be in the 80s. Yesterday was all cloudy and very windy. We just hunkered down in the rig until 3. I took a walk and saw Larry and Katherine hooking their car to the motor home, they were leaving early this morning for Illinois. They are really nice and fun, we will miss them.

Javier called us later and they picked us up for supper. We stopped at the Blue Tuna for a drink and then went to their house. We finished off the shrimp from the boil. Jim made scampi from them. Excellent. A neighbor they had just met gave them some smoked brisket he made. We had po boys with it. Very good. One of the new neighbors they met on Sunday offered Carlie a job in their ice cream store. That's Texas!

Came home hit the sheets. Two beach days in a row had worn us out. I got a cute Charlie and Julia photo from her blog. I need baby hugs.

I missed my kids and grands! Hate to be gone on holidays. We leave two weeks from today. Hope the snow melts.


Andrea said...

Who are those gorgeous babies? They must have a really great mommy. Except that Julia is covered to her belly button in drool.

Stephanie said...

You are instructed to bring warm weather and sunshine back with you.

Marjie said...

I can bring the sun but the wind will come with it. Those babies have a great daddy too.