Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mexican Train and Poker

Monday night we were invited to a pot luck at a home near the park. Shirley's sister and husband live there. It was so nice. When we don't motor home any more we might condo or house rent. Dee is an award winning artist, she will get her own blog entry when I get the photos just right. Her speciality is Asian Brush Painting, seems to specialize in horses. Very, very nice.

After dinner, the men and Mavis played dealers choice poker. The ladies played Mexican Train, which is a dominos game. I have played it before and it was fun. I sat at the table for four hours. Anyone who knows me realizes that this is a new world record of sociability for me. (with the exception of Pinochle with Cyndi and Wy, and euchre with Jen and Mike) I could hardly stand when we finished. I didn't lose but I sure was tired. I am always awake till 11, but am laying in bed watching TV by then, not concentrating and being nice.

SPELL CHECK HINT: Turn on spell check. Put curser on a suspected misspelling, right click. If it is spelled wrong, a list of choice will pop up.

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